• 7″ Touch screen HMI
  • Electronic section height detector
  • Pneumatic pop up centre support
  • Automatic tilting of the saw heads 90° – 22.5°
  • Intermediate angles set on large sector plate
  • Digital setting of the cutting length +/- 0.1°
  • USB data interface
  • Memories for profile heights and cutting lists
  • 4m machine can cut up to 7.4m automatically
  • Short and long cut cycle
  • Automatic cleat cutting program
  • Mist spray blade lubrication system
  • Mobile roller table with additional clamp
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Mecal SW 453 Plug

New standard features – Brand new design – 7″ touch screen HMI – Electronic section height detector – Pneumatic pop-up centre support

Double mitre saw with pneumatic positioned outward tilting heads with a range of 90°, 45° or 22,5° and mechanical stops for intermediate angles. The large sector plate ensures the most accurate setting of angles, with default positions at 90° and 45°. The NEW touch screen PLC control system with 7″ graphical display and USB data storage is simple to use for either quick processing of random cuts, or from pre-programmed cutting lists. The control system has the ability to receive cutting lists from compatible external software via the USB, and print labels containing job data or bar codes for integration with CNC machining centres

Angles preselected of positioning of the cutting devices, outwards ° 90 – 45 – 22,5
Diameter of the sawblade mm




Sawblade bore mm




Speed of the rotating tool rpm 2800
Maximum useful cutting length mm


4000 / 5000 / 6000

(157.48 / 196.85 / 236.22)

Power of the motor kW 2,2
Height of the machine mm


± 1600


Width of the machine mm


± 1200


Weight of the machine , according useful cutting length kg


± 1600 / 1700 / 1800

(3530 / 3750 / 4000)

Subject to technical changesMecal SW 453 double miter saw cutting diagram

Angle Setting
Pneumatic tilting between fixed 90deg and moving stop on extra large calibrated sector plate for increased positional accuracy. The 45° position has a positive location as it is the most common used angle. The angle range is 90° to -22.5°
Cutting Control
Equipped with blade stroke limiter to reduce cycle times, feed speed adjuster and standard mist spray unit. (optional Addimist pure oil micro mist available)
Height Detector
A very useful device that precisely measures the exact material height for complete accuracy. A side benefit is that it is not necessary to permanently load all of the profile height data into the HMI
Roller Support
Fitted with a mobile roller support table and additional horizontal vice.
Control System
7″ Touch screen HMI with USB interface Import cutting lists from compatible software. Printer output of linear barcode and QR code. Manage and execute single cuts and cutting lists Store cutting lists uploaded form the USB interface Manage automatic step cutting cycle Manage automatic long and short cut functions Graphical display of the profile positioning Trim and wedge cutting
Cutting Functions
Long Cut, enables the machine to automatically perform cuts longer than the physical length eg 4000mm model can cut up to 7.3m Short cut, similar to the long cut the machine can reduce the minimum physical cut by around 100mm Step Cut, often referred to as cleat cutting, the moving head becomes an incremental feeder for automatic repetition cutting normally of short pieces.
Pneumatic centre support
Pneumatic support automatically enabled to hold up the profile when the heads distance themselves
Belt conveyor
Motorized belt conveyor available for all length.
2nd Pneumatic centre support
2nd Pneumatic support automatically enabled to hold up the profile when the heads distance themselves
Mecal Label Printer
Thermal label printer for producing bar codes when integrating with a cnc machining centre, or recording job/customer data to attach to the workpiece.
Swarf extractor
Swarf extraction system taking from both sawblade chambers, fully compliant to handle aluminium, pvc, brass, wood, copper and composite materials. The steel container is removable for easy emptying, and the filter bags are maintained with either the standard manual shake lever or the optional pneumatic shake.
Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended over the standard soluble system, as it delivers a high performance neat oil in minute highly controlled doses. Giving a cleaner working environment with no odours or risk of skin irritation sometimes connected with soluble fluids. Each dose cane be scaled by adjusting the size of each pulse and the frequency of each pulse.