Machines and systemS for
Aluminum extrusion profile

Machining centers, cutting machines, handling and customised systems

for the Aluminum industry

A machine for every need.

Ultra high speed CNC 4 Axis

MC307 FALCON Ultra high speed 4 axis CNC machining center designed to work on extruded Aluminum, Light Alloys, PVC and light Steel materials.

Compund double mitre saw

TDC622 EDGEMASTER This model is an up-stroke double head compound miter saw with powered movement of the right head by means of a DC servomotor.

5 Axis machining center

MC302 GEOS-5 5 axis CNC machining center designed to work on Aluminum extrusion profile, Light Alloys and Steel materials for a large variety of industries and manufacturing sector. The gantry type structure guarantee stability and tolerances especially for heavy duty work either on Aluminum or Steel.

Fabrication center for Windows & Doors

MC 316 Fabrication center has been designed for automatic milling, drilling, tapping and cutting operations on aluminum profiles. The unit consists of a loading magazine, servo material pusher, machining station, cutting station, and motorized unloading table.

30 International Patents

The superb quality, functionality and reliability of MECAL MACHINERY products is guaranteed by an
advanced engineering and design department managed by dynamic and highly qualified personnel.
The presence of a dedicated, full-time, in-house engineering and design department represents a
key added value for MECAL MACHINERY’s customers.

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We will process your profile in Aluminium , Light Alloys, Steel, PVC

Provides High Performance Services
For Multiple Industries

Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors either in Aluminium , PVC or Steel has always been the sector where our machines can make a big difference: cutting/machining/handling and much more...

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Aluminium is becoming very common in the automotive industry.

MECAL has a soution for frame/chassis, bumpers, side foot step , battery pack for electric vehicles and etc etc.

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Truck / Trailer

As Automotive industry, also this sector of Truck and Trailer became very important for our machines and equipments, we have great solution for it!

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Aluminium, Light Alloys and Steel is common in the furniture industry: kitchen designer, wardrobes manufacturer, office partition maker, tables, etc etc...

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Curtain Walls

Curtain Walls or Window Walls is one of the main sector of our business, we have many solutions for cutting machines, machining centers and customised systems

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We started entering into Aerospace industry, supplying machines for some airplane components and even more for airport construction and handling equipment.

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Bus / Train

Our 5 Axis machining centers are the right choice for the manufacturing of coaches and wagons and all the inside structures.

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We call Industrial sector, all those industries where there is an important use of Aluminium extrusion profile, like Lightning, Elevators, Handling, Advertising signs and much more...

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