• Machining center designed for producing components from a Aluminum extruded bar.
  • Automated sawing and machining line, ideal for producing short components
  • Fully automatic process
  • The possible machining operations are milling, drilling, tapping and cutting.
  • 5 CNC controlled axes
  • Useful stroke X = 2000 mm (78.74″); Y = 1050 mm (41.33″); Z = 500 mm. (19.68″)
  • Cutting unit with blade Ø 500 mm
  • Side drilling and/or tapping units (upon request)
  • The axis (A) of the electric spindle can be rotated to any angle within ± 90°, in parallel to the transversal axis.
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Mecal MC 311 Flexible production cell

Automated sawing and machining line for completing components from stock material, conceived for manufacturing short components requiring boring-drilling-slotting-tapping and cutting to length, like: brakets / hinges / curtain wall fixing system / office partition brackets / automotive components etc.

Equipped with  a 500mm  (19.68″) 90° saw and 4 Axis machining head, hydraulic and motorized clamps.

The illustrated version shows 2 optional X axis boring units which in this case apply a preparation to the centre bore of the extrusion. We are able to study the clients requirements and working around the flexible base machine concept add process changes and devices to facilitate a wide range of requirements.

X axis stroke mm




Y axis stroke mm




Z axis stroke mm




A axis stroke ° ± 100
Power (S1) kW 10
Maximum Rotation Speed rpm 24000
Type of coupling holder HSK-F63
Type of cooling Liquid
Tool magazine N. 12