MC 4020 / 6020 Syntesis

  • Bed dimensions: 4000×2000 mm (157.48″ x 78.74″)
  • Bed dimensions: 6000×2000 mm (236.22″ x 78.74″)
  • Durable working table
  • Automatic tool length measuring
  • Automatic detection of the material height
  • Automatic tool change with 12 positions
  • CAD/CAM software for easy programming in 2D or 3D
  • Focused swarf extraction system
  • The locking system for the material being machined – usually in sheets – uses a vacuum system, the installation of which is completely integrated into the machine’s frame.
  • The machine is equipped with a suitable top made of Bakelite with grid work for the application of the vacuum, especially designed to host the transpiration tops.
  • Swarf extractor system able to grant a perfect clearing of the working area.
  • The tool magazine is situated on the mobile gantry; up to 12 types of tools can be physically loaded.
  • Automatic selection of the working areas which allow to manage the support plane for the panels to be machined in 3 separated zones.
  • Tool cooling system (-10 ° C)
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Mecal MC 4020 / 6020 Syntesis 3 Axis

For high speed machining of aluminium and composite sheet material commonly used in the architectural facades industry. Also highly recommended for sign making, lighting, rail, aerospace and many other applications.

Commonly used for ACM panels for cladding, so composite panels like Alucobond / Rynobond / Maxmetal / Alpolic and many other brands and type.

Also used for aluminium plates of 3 mm for many different industries.

X axis stroke mm


4185 / 6185
(164.76 / 243.50)
Positioning speed X-axis m/min




Y axis stroke mm




Positioning speed Y-axis m/min


Z axis stroke mm




Positioning speed Z-axis m/min




Vacum pumps Kw 2 / 3
Electrospindle rated power kW 7.5
Cooling system Air
Tool holder cone ISO 30
Tool magazine N. 12
Max rotation speed rpm 28000
Weight kg


± 4200 / 5000

(9300 / 11000)

Subject to technical changes

Mecal CAD CAM 3D
Designed to be the most advanced and easy to use system currently available. All of the basic programming is available with pre-loaded macros which are applied by a simple drag and drop process. The graphical 3D presentation is a clear and accurate representation that can be viewed from any angle to check for errors, and it demonstrates the orientation for the workpiece to be correctly loaded.
Tool Magazine
12 position automatic tool magazine is mounted centrally to reduce tool change times to an absolute minimum.
Extraction system
The machine is equipped with an extraction system for swarfs
Tool presetting
Automatic tool length detector
Panel probe
Device to detect the height of the panel
Additional Vacum Pump
Extra vacume pump on requst