Curtain Walls

Curtain walls / Window walls is today one of the major industry of our sector.

Our machines and system are perfect for cutting and machining profiles of different shapes and dimensions for making curtain walls.

Mecal’s customizable cutting and machining solutions and accessories can handle large or intricate profile for Curtain walls and Window walls. Quality control is becoming a driving force in the curtain walls industry. With a Mecal machine, human error and material waste are minimized while quality machining are at an all-time high.


Proven Performance

Advanced Cutting Technology for Curtain walls & Window walls:

Mecal works with commercial profile supplier, getting feedback of the new and future design of product, so that we are always able to supply the right machinefor cutting or machining or both tohether. Abel to supply a tailored solutions tailored to their unique applications. We partner with both curtain wall manufacturers and profiles extruder to ensure your Mecal equipment achieves accurate and quickly cutting/machining .

Standard curtain walls with or without thermal brake

Window walls system and modern landscape buildings

Most complex 3 dimensinal  shapes, and composite panel cladding units

Fancy shape building where our machines give an extra help with compund cuts and complex machining

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