• Fab center for windows doors / curtain walls / window walls system
  • For Aluminium or PVC extrusions
  • 4 spindle (option for 6) machining capability
  • Spindle frame rotation 180°
  • All the electro-spindles are mounted on a rotating ring (turret)
  • 3 axis mitre saw with encoded rotation
  • 3 axis gripper adjusts to any profile (optional rotation)
  • Automatic loading table
  • Unloading table with conveyor and storage zone
  • In-feed loading magazine, servo material pusher, machining station, cutting station, and motorized out-feed table
  • Gripper arm can be adjusted in height and width by servo motors
  • Tracks equipped with low friction plastic rollers to avoid scratches
  • Tool cooling is provided by an MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) system
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system for all guides, ball screws and linear bearings
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A technically advanced manufacturing fab center (sawing & machining line) for aluminum and PVC windows and doors or similar extrusions.

Consisting of a horizontal loading table with user definable partitions, usually dictated by the dimension of the largest profile. The processing unit contains a 3 axis sawing head and 4 spindle (option for 6)  machining element with 180° rotation of the tool holding frame, there is an option for a material rotation axis on the gripper to add machining capability.

Stock extrusion max length mm




Minimum stock length mm




Maximum combined loading width (qty capacity to be defined) mm




Gripper U axis feeding stroke mm




Gripper V axis horizontal adjustment mm




Gripper W axis vertical adjustment mm




Gripper (optional) C axis rotation ° 0° – 180°
Spindle quantity 4 units (option for 6)
Spindle power and speed kw-rpm 4.5 – 24000
Tool holder (manual change) ER 32
Machining capacity Width mm




Machining capacity Height mm




Sawblade diameter mm




Sawblade motor power and speed kw/rpm 2.7 – 3000
Sawblade rotation range ° 135
Sawblade and cutting tool lubrication Venturi mist
Unloading table dimension mm


5000 x 1700

(196.85 x 66.92)

Subject to technical changes

Mecal “MC 316” fabrication center has been designed for automatic milling, drilling, tapping and cutting operations on aluminum profiles. The unit consists of a loading magazine, servo material pusher, machining station, cutting station, and motorized unloading table. The operators will load multiple stock lengths on the in-feed table. The profiles are fed one at a time through the rotating ring style (turret) milling/drilling station equipped with multiple electro-spindles. Machine features horizontal and vertical clamping systems to hold down the extrusion during the machining and cutting. After the milling, the pusher advances and the cut is performed by a ∅ 550mm (21.6″) blade capable to make straight, miter cuts and notches. After cutting, the parts are transferred onto a belt conveyor which then carries them out from the cutting station. A pneumatic pusher will move the parts cross wise on the out-feed table.